Born in Bassano on 09/07/1960, in spite of being over 50 years old, I still have the motivation and the energy to tackle challenging projects.
Training has always been my field of action, fully applying and dedicating myself (knowledge, abilities, attitude) to entrepreneurial activities and the world of sports.
WoW - Wheels on Waves, is the last in a series of "creatures" that in thirty years of activity have given me immense satisfaction: generating initiatives, creating the team, pursuing objectives, looking forward and most of all... not to be satisfied with what I have achieved, but always look for new areas of commitment and action!

This is the soundtrack of my life, which I have the good fortune of sharing with Paola, Alessandra, Leonardo and Davide, my family, as well as a good number of TRUE friends.

They asked me to state my favourite quote: those who know me know it well, as I say it all the time (to myself and to those around me) “you have to learn to wait. Time will put things right”.