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April 2017 Miami

May 2017 Norfolk

May 2017 Annapolis

May 2017 Atlantic City

May 2017 New York

June 2017 Azores

June 2017 Lagos

July 2017 Gibraltar

June 2017 Cartagena

August 2017 Valencia

August 2017 Barcelona

August 2017 Marseilles

September 2017 La Spezia

September 2017 Rosignano

September 2017 Rome

September 2017 Naples

September 2017 Messina

September 2017 Rimini

September 2017 Trieste

October 2017 Venice


September 2017
Ostia - Rome

Handing over of the ONU Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities to His Holiness




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