The WoW project

The ambitious scope of the WoW project is to spread across the United States and to Europe a message of peace and respect for individuals with disabilities through two fundamental documents: the ONU Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.


The ONU Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities is a tangible tool for fighting discrimination and the violation of human rights.
Approved by the United Nations Assembly in December 2006 and consisting of 50 articles, the Convention represents the first important document on human rights of the new millennium, and indicates the path that the countries across the world must follow in order to guarantee equality and social inclusion of all citizens with disabilities.
Since its issue, the Convention has been undersigned and implemented by 192 countries, undersigned by 126, and ratified by 49.
As it is clear from the first article of the Convention, its objective is to promote, protect and ensure the full and equal enjoyment of all human rights and fundamental freedoms for people with disabilities, and promote the respect of their inherent dignity.

Also, disabled people are universally identified in the document as individuals with long-term physical, mental, intellectual or sensory impairments who, when faced with barriers of different kinds, may find themselves unable to take full advantage of what society has to offer, in the same way as others.


During the 70th year anniversary of the foundation of the United Nations, in November 2015, the historic medieval suburb of Montone (Perugia) hosted an important diplomacy celebration attended by the foreigner ambassadors credited at the Holy See, in the presence of the highest local, provincial and regional authorities.
According to Salvador Miguel Porcaro (Chairman of the "Scoprendo l'Italia" Association, and point of reference for communications between the Holy See and the United Nations), using the words of the General Secretary Ban Ki-Moon, the event "was an opportunity for highlighting the important challenges faced by the international community, such as Peace, Security, Environment, Development and Human Rights".
"This document will certainly not be the universal remedy for what we are experiencing," continue Rinaldi and Porcaro, "but we humbly want to give voice to the many children and teenagers of Montone and the neighbouring towns who, like other individuals of similar ages in Iraq, Siria, Palestine and many other countries in the world, ask the adults for a Peaceful World".

During the celebrations, two moments drew particular attention: the ceremony for the illumination of the city walls with the blue colour of the United Nations, and the turning on of the Peace Tripod in the Cloister of the San Francis Church, inside which the "Montone Paper - Appeal for Peace Among the Populations" (Carta di Montone - Appello per la Pace tra i Popoli), written in three languages (Italian, English and Spanish), was later on read by the boys and girls of Montone, and undersigned by all the diplomatic, institutional, religious, civil, political and military personalities present.
The document was then handed over to Andrea Stella, appointed "Ambassador of the Paper", with the task of delivering it directly to the hands of the ONU General Secretary in New York.


According to the WoW project, the Lo Spirito di Stella catamaran will depart in April 2017 from Miami to New York, making the first 5 stops along the East Coast of the United States, with 5 crew teams that, in line with the guidelines of the project could have very different characteristics and skills. The first leg of the expedition will start from the Miami base of the Shake a Leg Association, which for over twenty years has been committed to making sailing possible for people with disabilities. The final objective of this first part of the expedition is to reach New York, where at the United Nations headquarters of New York we will receive the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities directly from the ONU General Secretary.

After receiving this important document, "Lo Spirito di Stella" will start its expedition across the ocean and into Europe. After 7 stops in as many European ports, the Convention will be handed over to Pope Francis.
With this expedition, the WoW project wants to ensure "universal" visibility for an extremely important tool for the safeguard of all people.

With this expedition, the WoW project also has a further aim: demonstrate to the whole world that if joined by a common objective, people that are very different from each other can turn barriers into opportunities.

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities is a tangible tool for fighting discrimination and the violations of human rights.
The WoW expedition has the objective of ensuring that everyone is aware of this important tool that promotes and guarantees equal rights and social inclusion for all individuals with disabilities.
With its 50 articles, the ONU Convention is the first important treaty on human rights of the new millennium: it has been implemented by 192 countries, undersigned by 126 and ratified by 49.